A look at some of our 2021 activity.

JANUARY: We were able to hold 8 monthly fund-raiser lunch/dinners this year. Thanks for your support!

FEBRUARY: O'Neal house fire on Mapletown Lane.

MARCH: We made our last Ocracoke Hispanic Outreach appliance delivery to an Ocracoke family (2019 Hurricane Dorian disaster relief). 

APRIL: Annual meeting.

MAY:  Hyde County Historic Courthouse Bell Project completed.

MAY: We honored Hiatt Cahoon, our first -Fire Chief for 16 years of service 1971-1987.

MAY: Molly Zedd during training night.

MAY: 2001 Spartan fire engine we got from SC.

JUNE: Benefit lunch for Bud & Arlene Harris.

JUNE: Cintas truck accident at Rose Bay.

 JUNE:  Tunnell vehicle fire off Bridgman Road.

JUNE: The Green Hornet goes to FL.

JULY: Groundbreaking for new Lake Comfort Substation.

JULY: 50TH Anniversary Open House

JULY: SQVFD's only 3 Fire Chiefs (l-r) Roger Paxton, Hiatt Cahoon, & Jeffrey Stotesberry.

JULY: Chief Jeffrey Stotesberry speaks at the first meeting of the newly organized Hyde County Fireman's Association.

SEPTEMBER: Thank you card from Mattamuskeet Elementary School for our help with a flag installation.

OCTOBER: We made a trip to pick up a brush truck to be used at the Lake Comfort Substation.

NOVEMBER: Work was completed on the rewiring of our Swan Quarter building so we can revert to generator power if necessary. Funds provided by NC OSFM grant. 

DECEMBER: We participated in Christmas in the Quarter with a funnel cake fundraiser!

DECEMBER: We also hosted a bicycle helmet give-away during Christmas in the Quarter, made possible by the NC DOT and with help from the Hyde County Sheriff's office.

DECEMBER: (l-r) Jaylon McCullor and Jason Stotesberry don their Christmas finery during Christmas in the Quarter.